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Kanguda Nagraja Devta Temple Tehri Garhwal

Uttarakhand, known worldwide as the land of gods, is the spiritual harmony of India, where the Hindu faith is spread in every corner of the state. There is a unique experience of the darshan of Lord Nagaraja in Kangra Dham located in Thauldhar Block, Post Office Manidkhal Patti Gusain of Tehri Garhwal. This place has always served as a spiritual lamp and provided spiritual energy to thousands of devotees. Kanguda Nag Devta Temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna, which has a deep history and is directly related to the serpent form of Lord Krishna. The natural beauty and the surrounding Garhwali culture make it a unique place. With a panoramic view of the beautiful Himalayas, this temple sings in the voice of nature, adorning every Kangra Mela with colours.

Mythology or History

The history of Kanguda is unique, proving humanity’s faith. It is said that a priest worshipped Lord Krishna as a snake to protect his area and circumambulate the entire area from his abode. After completing the parikrama, he placed the doli on the ground on his head, and the same snake god appeared. Later, the local people built a stone temple of Lord Nagaraja at the same place, now being constructed on a large scale. In Hinduism and yoga, the serpent is considered a symbol of Kundalini, indicating that humans must move from ignorance to awareness and birth to liberation.

Festival or Fair

Every year, a 7 to 8-day fair is organised in memory of Nag Devta at his holy place, Kangura, where people from about 7-8 nearby villages participate. This fair is dedicated to Lord Nag Devta. Major villages in the surrounding areas are Manjruwal, Pandogi, Idiyan, Mandkhal, Bhandaraki, Sendra, Pagari and Dhamadi, which spread colours in this fair by dancing the doli of Lord Nagaraja. This fair is a special gift for everyone, which inspires them to return home. The fair ends after the bath of Nagaraja, who is taken to the famous river Bhagirathi for bathing.

Villages Near Kanguda Tehri

Manjruwal Village

Manjruwal Gaon Tehri Garhwal Maindkhal

Manjruwal is a bustling village 1.5 km from Kangura Nagaraja Temple. It is also said to be the maternal birthplace of Kangura Nagaraja, derived from a legend. Spread over an area of about 500 meters to 1 kilometre, this village mainly works in agriculture. About 150 families live in this village, and people from Rawat, Goniyal, Juyal, Khanduri, Chauhan and Harjan castes live there. All of them are related to the Hindu religion. The total population of Manjruwal is 420, of which the male population is 220, while the female population is 200. The literacy rate of Manjeur village is 71.20%, of which 80.88% of males and 59.65% of females are literate.

Pandogi Village

Pandogi Gaon Tehri Gahrwal

Pandogi village is located just 100 meters away from the sacred Kangura Nagaraja temple of Tehri Garhwal. This quaint village, surrounded by the natural beauty of the Garhwal region, offers a unique opportunity to experience the region’s rich cultural and spiritual heritage. The proximity of Kangura Nagaraja Temple makes Pandogi village an ideal place for pilgrims and spiritual seekers. This temple dedicated to Nagaraja is an iconic site known for its religious significance and architectural charm. Tourists visiting Pandogi village can easily reach the temple, enjoy the serene atmosphere and seek blessings amidst the picturesque surroundings.

Idiyan Gaon

Idiyan Gaon Maindkhal Tehri Garhwal

Idiyan Village’ is a charming village that attracts tourists with its rustic beauty and serene environment. This is the second big village in Mandkhal post office, where about 250 to 300 families live. About 8 to 10 caste people, including Rawat, live in the village who mainly follow the Hindu religion. Nestled in a serene landscape, this delightful settlement offers a unique blend of tradition and simplicity. The village reflects a rich cultural tapestry, with traditional customs and practices woven into the fabric of everyday existence. It is a destination where one can witness the timeless charm of rural India.


Maindkhal Market Tehri Garhwal

Maindkhal is a post office in the Thauldhar block of Tehri Garhwal district of Uttarakhand. Just 1 kilometre from Kanguda, Maindkhal is also a famous market, which serves as the local post office for the area. The heartbeat of Maindkhal is its vibrant market, a focal point that facilitates commerce and serves as an essential link between neighbouring villages and government services. The importance of Maindkhal increases with the presence of necessary institutions. The Government Intermediate College (GIC), Maindkhal, located here, stands as an educational lighthouse to cater to the educational needs of the students of the surrounding villages. Apart from its educational role, Maindkhal boasts of a well-established infrastructure. The village market hosts the Punjab National Bank, which provides financial services to the community. The educational scenario is further enriched by the presence of Vidya Bharati School and an English medium primary school, which provide various educational opportunities to the residents. The natural landscape around Maindkhal is charming. Situated amidst lush green hills, surrounded by dense forests and drenched in the harmonious flow of rivers, Maindkhal offers a serene retreat for those seeking solace in the lap of nature. This harmonious blend of urban amenities and natural beauty makes Maindkhal a unique destination, meeting both practical needs and the desire for a tranquil escape.

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