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Kedarnath Tour Packages

Only Kedarnath Tour Package

Shining with spiritual light, Kedarnath is a Hindu pilgrimage site dedicated to Lord Shiva. Make Kedar Baba’s darshan your ultimate goal with the Kedarnath Tour Packages, which offers a complete trip, meals, accommodation and spiritual enrichment. The Kedarnath Yatra Package is for all those curious pilgrims who want to visit Baba Kedar without any arrangements. Trip Tradition offers complete Kedarnath Packages to all pilgrims with customised tour packages at very affordable prices. We cover all major destinations, from Only Kedarnath Tour Package to Char Dham Yatra Packages. The Kedarnath Trip Packages will make it very easy for you to visit Kedarnath at the height of the Himalayas at your convenience.

Kedarnath Trip Enquiry

Best Selling Kedarnath Tour Packages

Kedarnath tour package from Haridwar

Starting from Rs. 13,500/ Person

Kedarnath tour Package from Delhi

Starting from Rs. 15,500/ Person

Kedarnath Yatra by Helicopter

Starting from Rs. 22,800/ Person

Only Kedarnath tour Package

Starting from Rs. 10,500/ Person

Kedarnath tour package from Ahmedabad - Book Now!

Starting from Rs. 19,500/ Person

Kedarnath-Badrinath Tour Package

Starting from Rs. 25,500/ Person

Kedarnath tour package from Bangalore

Kedarnath Tour Package from Bangalore

Starting from Rs. 23,500/ Person

Kedarnath tour package from pune

Kedarnath Package from Pune

Starting from Rs. 24,500/ Person

Kedarnath Badrinath tour Package

Kedar-Badri Yatra Package from Mumbai

Starting from Rs. 38,500/ Person

Kedarnath Tour Package from Kolkata

Starting from Rs. 18,500/ Person

Kedarnath tour package from Chennai

Kedarnath Package from Chennai

Starting from Rs. 26,500/ Person

Kedarnath tour package from hyderabad

Kedarnath tour Package from Hyderabad

Starting from Rs. 28,500/ Person

Do Dham Yatra Package by Helicopter

Do Dham Yatra (Kedarnath) by Helicopter

Starting from Rs. 55,500/ Person

Char Dham Yatra Package

Char Dham Yatra Package from Mumbai

Starting from Rs. 35,800/ Person

Char Dham Yatra Package by Helicopter

Char Dham Yatra Package by Helicopter

Starting from Rs. 1,77,800/ Person

About Kedarnath

Located in Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand, Kedarnath is one of the Panch Kedar and twelve Jyotirlingas dedicated to Lord Shiva. This spiritual place is the pinnacle of pilgrimage, situated at 3,583 meters (11,755 ft) in the Garhwal Himalayas. The place paints an exquisite canvas of ethereal landscape adorned with snow-capped peaks, lush green meadows and the harmonious flow of the Mandakini River. The sanctuary of the soul, Kedarnath is not just a temple; It is a spiritual sanctuary where lakhs of people come every year to seek blessings.

Best Places to Visit in Kedarnath

Kedarnath Temple: Kedarnath Temple is the main place of the Kedarnath Yatra, which serves your purpose. Built by the Pandavas, this temple is 3,583 meters (11,755 ft) above sea level. This temple is built according to the mythological stories, Whose craftsmanship and spiritual aura will fascinate you. Kedarnath temple holds immense spiritual importance for Hindus, and the journey to reach the temple is considered sacred.

Gauri Kund: Gauri Kund, located 12 kilometres from Kedarnath, is the main starting point to reach Kedarnath. The place is famous for its hot water spring dedicated to Goddess Gauri. Gauri Kund reflects the spiritual balance between the beauty of nature, where both exist.

Vasuki Tal: Vasuki Tal is an adventure trek to Kedarnath, located 17 kilometres from Kedarnath temple. This pond is famous for the Himalayan lotuses, which bloom during the monsoon and winter months. Vasuki Tal is one of the most beautiful places to visit during Kedarnath Yatra.

Bhairavnath Temple: Bhairavnath is present in Kedarnath as the protector of Lord Kedar. This temple is situated in the Kedar Valley, where a spectacular panoramic view of the entire Kedarnath Dham is visible. Bhairavnath Temple is dedicated to Baba Bhairav, depicted as the Age of Time.

Best Things to Do in Kedarnath

Trekking: Trekking is one of the most favorite things to do in Kedarnath. Kedarnath has many adventure treks, suitable for beginners and experts. Vasuki Tal, Gandhi Sarovar Tal and Madhuganga Trek are some of the best treks to do near Kedarnath. Trekking will give every tourist a new experience and spirituality through which you can cherish the memories of Kedarnath.

Camping: Camping is an excellent option for accommodation during Kedarnath Yatra. Although there are hotels and dharamshalas in Kedarnath, the camping experience gives a different experience of being in Kedarnath. Camping amidst the Kedar Valley is one of the best things to do in Kedarnath, allowing you to relax with views of the high Himalayas.

Yoga & Meditation: Engaging in yoga and meditation in Kedarnath is a profoundly spiritual and rejuvenating experience. Kedarnath is home to an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple complex and surrounding areas can serve as a tranquil place for meditation. Respect the temple’s sanctity and find a quiet place for your practice.

Kedarnath Temple Aarti: Aarti at Kedarnath Temple is a sacred and spiritually elevated ceremony twice daily, both in the morning and evening. Devotees consider participating in or watching this aarti to be a significant experience. This ritual involves using fire as an offering to the deity, making it a holy and reverent ceremony.

Best time to visit Kedarnath

The best time to visit Kedarnath is April to June and September to October. The journey begins as soon as the doors of Kedarnath open in April. April to June and September to October are also safe for Kedarnath Yatra because there is no rain. The temperature at this time also remains around 10 to 15 degrees, which is quite ordinary compared to other months. Monsoon arrives in Kedarnath from June onwards, which causes a lot of hindrances in the journey.

  1. Explore Kedarnath packages offered by Trip Tradition, a renowned travel agency specializing in organizing Kedarnath tours.
  2. After selecting possible packages, verify their availability for your desired travel dates.
  3. Once availability and package details are confirmed, you may be asked to submit specific information or make payment to secure your booking.
  4. Follow their instructions to finalize the reservation process.
  5. Once the booking is confirmed, Trip Tradition will provide you with a confirmation containing necessary instructions including the check-in process, site directions and any specific requirements.


  • Complete transportation with pick up and drop in.
  • Breakfast and dinner are usually served at specified meal times.
  • Visiting local Sightseeing.
  • Overnight stay in deluxe and luxury hotels.
  • Kedarnath Darshan.
  • Trekking till Kedarnath.
  • Camping accommodation in Kedarnath.
  • Surrounded by natural beauty and proximity to the Alaknada River.
  • Access to Kedarnath, seating arrangements, and electricity or charging facilities.


  • Personal expenses.
  • Any kind of insurance.
  • Any other activity (water rafting, zip-lining or bungee jumping)
  • Food During Road Trip.
  • Any expenses for personal items, souvenirs or additional services not specified in the package.
  • VIP Dharshan

Booking Terms:

  • To book a journey you need to pay 30% of the booking amount. Once this payment has been received, you will receive a confirmation shortly. The remaining amount must be paid on the day of arrival to the tour/activity/stay.

Cancellation Terms:

  • Any cancellation on or before 30 days before the scheduled journey will not be deducted from the booking amount.
  • For cancellations made 30 to 15 days before the scheduled journey, a cancellation charge of 50% of the booking amount will be deducted.
  • Cancellations made within 7 days or less of the scheduled journey will incur a cancellation charge of 100% of the booking amount.
  • In case of a ‘No Show’ (immediate failure without prior cancellation), no refund will be issued under any circumstances.

Refund Terms: If your booking is cancelled, any applicable refunds will be processed within 10 business days using the original payment method. Refunds will be subject to the full cancellation terms and conditions.

Verification Policy:

  • On successful booking, customers will receive a confirmation message via email/WhatsApp message within 24 hours.
  • If the preferred time slots are not available, an alternative schedule will be arranged as per the customer’s preference, and a fresh confirmation voucher will be sent via email/WhatsApp.
  • Customers may cancel their booking before confirmation, and a full refund will be processed.

Cancellation policy:

  • Cancellations made 3 days before the date of travel will incur a cancellation fee of 0% of the total tour cost.
  • Cancellations made 1 to 3 days before the date of travel will incur a cancellation fee of 40% of the total travel cost.
  • Cancellation between 0 hours to 1 day before the date of travel will incur a cancellation charge of 100% of the total travel cost.

FAQ about Kedarnath Packages

The standard package includes accommodation, transportation, meals and a guided tour of important religious and tourist sites.

Generally, it depends on the package. If you choose a helicopter, then you are provided with helicopter services. But it is not included in the standard package.

The best time is during summer (April to June) when the weather is pleasant, and the temple is easily accessible. Monsoon arrives after June, which makes travelling very difficult. Therefore, Kedarnath Yatra is not advised during monsoon.

Yes, there are budget-friendly packages that cater to different preferences. It is recommended to compare the options to find the one that suits your needs.

The journey can be difficult. However, helicopter service and pony rides are available for those who do not want to do trekking.

Accommodation ranges from budget guesthouses to more luxurious hotels. Some packages specify accommodation options, while others allow you to choose.

Photography is allowed around the Kedarnath temple, but restrictions may apply inside the temple. It's worth checking local guidelines.

Yes, many packages cater to different age groups. However, it is essential to consider the physical demands of the journey and choose accordingly.

For Bukedarnath tour package booking, you can directly connect with TripTradition, which offers tour packages to Kedarnath from major cities in India. If you are interested in Kedarnath packages, you can call or WhatsApp us at 7300930325 and make your booking.

It is advisable to acclimatise to the altitude, stay hydrated and carry necessary medicines. Check the weather forecast and follow the safety guidelines given by travel organisers.